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Dentures are used when all teeth are lost. They are a full complement of teeth made of a resin material and acrylic. They are fit to the ridges of the jaw bone, and will need to have procedures done to improve this fit as your bone and tissue remodel over time. They generally cover most of the upper palate, and lower jaw from the cheek to under

 the tongue.  

When a patient hasn’t lost all of their teeth yet, but the remaining teeth are unrestorable, a IMMEDIATE denture is made.  Immediate dentures are made in a similar manner as regular dentures, only the remaining teeth are left alone.  Once all the prior work up procedures are done, the patient is seen by the surgeon to extract the remaining teeth.  At this appointment, the patient’s new complete denture is delivered.  Thus the patient is never walking around without teeth.  The immediate denture will eventually get loose over the first 4 to 6 months.  This is due to the healing of bone and tissues, which will shrink over time.  At this stage the denture is “relined” by the lab to improve the fit to the patients tissues.  This is in most cases done within the same day.

Partial dentures are a partial set of teeth, adhered to a metal/acrylic frame. Clasps are used to hold this denture into place using some of the remaining sound teeth.  This form of denture is an alternative for a less costly replacement of teeth as opposed to implants or bridges, as several teeth are being replaced at the same time.

This is a denture that is similar to an immediate denture. In this case, four dental implants are strategically placed by our oral surgeon. The “U” shaped denture is fixed to the dental implants for a secure fit.

This type of implant/denture is used for patients that require dentures, but want a fixed set of teeth.  In most cases a typical complete denture is made first.  Then on the same day the implants are added to the mouth, the denture is directly attached to the implants.  The palate portion is then cut away to a “U” shaped denture.